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All In One Supplements

What Are All In One Supplements?

All In One Supplements are exactly what the name suggests, they try to make the life of someone following a bodybuilding diet easy and provide most of the supplements you need to build muscle.

In this section of Megafreak Supplements you will find all manner of all in one supplements! All in one supplements are generally recognised as the best supplements for building muscle and are ideal as part of a bodybuilding diet. 

Many of these products can be used as a meal replacement powder also, as they generally have a good mix of carbohydrates and protein, as well as some healthy fats! 

An all in one supplement usually contains a protein, carbohydrates and a creatine source, however the best all in one supplement will also include testosterone boosters, glutamine, creatine and all manner of additional muscle growth enhancers, see NXT Nutrition Perfomance Protein  for a great example of a complete all in one! 


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