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Fat Burners & Diet Protein

What Are Fat Burners & Diet Protein? 


Fat Burners are generally weight loss supplements in capsule form, they are usually a combination of ingredients, often they can lead to fast weight loss when used alongside a controlled diet and ideally a diet protein. 

Fat Burners for men tend to be a little stronger and more thermogenic (meaning they raise the core temperature of the person) due to the often increased mass of a man as opposed to a woman, however most tend to be suitable for both sexes, for example Xcore Nutrition Xcess XT is suitable for men and women!

Most people go onto a low carb diet at times when they are looking to lose weight at at this point the best weight loss supplement stack is to use a diet protein stacked with a fat burner which is ideal for fast weight loss. 

Diet protein powders tend to have fat burning properties and ingredients including green tea, l-carnitine and pre biotic fibre, a fine example of one is NXT Nutrition Diet Whey 


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