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German Pharmaceuticals GW SARM 60 Capsules

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Product Description

GW Stamina from German Pharmaceuticals is a powerful Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) and is also known as GW501516 and is hown to help with fat loss and performance enhancement 

GW Stamina has been shown to regulate the various proteins that the body uses for energy, thus improving endurance levels in test subjects. This is donw by activating AMP activated protein kinase and stimulating glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, this alongside the fat oxidation has saw GW Stamina to reverse the metabolic abnormalities shown in obese men suffering from pre diabetic metabolic syndrome, the pay off of this from an aesthetic point of view is a decrease in stored fat and thus leaning out and fat loss. This has led to GW501516 being debated as a long term treatment of obesity in the medical industry. 

So two main uses of GW Stamina from AlphaForm Labs are apparent, the first being to increase endurance, however if you are an endurance athlete who competes please check your testing body for banned substances as some have banned GW Stamina because of the rather large advantage that can be gained from it's use! A dose of 10mg a day will see dramatic improvements in endurance for most people. 

The other main usage of GW Stamina as a SARM is for fat loss, where it is especially effective, again at the 10mg per day dosing, GW Stamina is especially popular for this as it is non catabolic meaning it will not burn through your hard earned muscle and will ensure you use fat as the energy source, not muscle! This effect of minimal muscle loss is especially apparent if GW Stamina is stacked with Ostarine, again the fat loss results will be quite apparent and impressive. 

GW Stamina or GW 501516 has been shown to correct insulin sensitivity in obese people leading to increased fat loss and a reduction in the risk of diabetes and makes GW Stamina a potentially high value obesity treatment. In addition to this obvious benefit, GW 501516 has been shown to also increase good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol, making all of the associated health risks minimised by this excellent supplement. 

For those using injectible illegal steroids the benefits of GW are not lost, especially if using a steroid which can effect your VO2 max (cardiovascular abilities) GW is often stacked in to combat these issues, as well as help with the cholesterol improvements as well as kep bulking gains nice and clean. 

GW Stamina is best run at 20mg (2 capsules) a day for 12 weeks, no more, with 4 weeks off to let the androgen recceptors settle back down and then you can go back on again! 

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