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SARMs Talk - LGD 4033

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So what is LGD 4033? Shockingly it is a SARM, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, and is known as Ligandrol or Anabolikum too. 

Where did LGD 4033 Come From & Why Should We Care? 

LGD 4033 was originally developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of, among other things osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases. LGD 4033 has been shown to be anabolic in much the same way as testosterone is, however without the effects generally experienced outside of the muscle cells. 


As a SARM LGD 4033 works in much the same way as Anabolic Steroids in that it binds to androgen receptors in the body, however, unlike Anabolic Steroids LGD 4033 only binds to selected androgen receptors, minimising the negative side effects. LGD 4033 binds very closely and tightly to the androgen receptors which primarily deal with muscle and bone creating enhanced anabolic activity, therefore increasing the amount of muscle growth possible, as well as evidence of enhanced anti catabolism. 

In addition top the muscle gaining benefits LGD 4033 has been shown to also target bones and strengthen bones, reducing deterioration whether via age or additional issues such as Osteoporosis or maybe even post surgery. 

How Does All This Benefit Me In The Gym? 

So what effect does all of this have on your performance? This is a question that depends on your goals at this moment in time, let's look at those looking to gain some quality lean mass first: 

If eating in a calorie excess (obviously in keeping with your goals) you can fully expect to see the following effects quite quickly with LGD 4033: 

  • Increased Strength 
  • Reduction in bodyfat
  • Obvious increase in lean muscle mass 
  • Enhanced healing abilities on niggling injuries 

So all the benefits of using LGD 4033 look ideal for those looking at a bulking cycle.

Now what about those looking to focus on dropping bodyfat, and therefore eating in a calorie deficit?  

  • Enhanced anti-catabolism 
  • Less muscle loss 
  • Enhanced fat loss 
  • Strength maintenance
  • Enhanced use of calories 

This shows LGD 4033 to be a great all round SARM which can help you no matter your goals! 

Now what about using LGD 4033 in conjunction with an Anabolic Steroid stack? Many users have reported using LGD in place of commonly used oral steroids at the beginning of a steroid cycle to 'kickstart' effects, the obvious benefit being the much lower side effects with LGD 4033 in comparison to some oral steroids. The main usage however seems to be as part of a PCT or 'bridging' portion of a cycle as users have reported using LGD 4033 to bridge between steroid cycles where the anti catabolic nature of LGD 4033 has ensured users retain the maximum amount of muscle gain from their steroid cycle.  

Have any scientific studies been conducted on LGD 4033?

There certainly have been! Phase 1 clinical trials saw a group of 76 adult males take varying doses of LGD 4033, all showed a dose dependent increase in lean muscle mass with no negative side effects over a 21 day period. Phase 2 clinical studies were also conducted starting November 2016 with 120 patients recovering from hip fracture surgery taking part in this placebo controlled 12 week study. Endpoints from the Phase 2 study was mainly the increase in lean muscle mass again across the board on the users as well as enhanced quality of life all while satisfying the safety of the compound. 

What Side Effects Are There? 

The side effects of LGD 4033 can be summed up very very quickly: 

  • Minimal or non-existent 

This is the truth! Unlike anabolic steroids LGD 4033 has shown to give little to no negative side effects to users, let's look at each individually

  1. Estrogenic - No risk of estrogen conversion at all, unlike testosterone and anabolic steroids, this therefore means no water retention, no risk of gyno (bitch tits), bloating and blood pressure spike are all not a risk with LGD 4033
  2. Androgenic - As LGD 4033 will only bind to androgen receptors effecting bone and muscle there is no increase risk of acne or hair loss. In addition the effects on the prostate will be minimal and certainly not negative or long term. Regarding virilisation in women, again this should be non-existent with LGD 4033
  3. Testosterone Suppression - There is a hint of some mild suppression of natural testosterone production but certainly not to the same level as anabolic steroids. A PCT is sometimes required but it is a mild one at most and is variable user to user. 
  4. Hepatoxicity - Unlike oral steroids which are generally part of the C17 alpha-alkylated family which are highly liver toxic and have dramatic effects on liver enzymes, LGD 4033 has no effect on liver function or enzymes and is completely non toxic! 

How To Use LGD 4033? 

If looking to gain size on this, upwards of 10lbs it ius prudent to have a protein rich diet and be in a calorie excess as your consumption will increase using LGD 4033, generally 6 - 15mg is a nice sweet spot for this sort of cycle per day, usually products come in capsuels at around 6mg such as Falcon Labs Super Epi which has 6mg of LGD 4033 per capsule. 

For recomposition cycles I would recommend pairing the anti catabolism of LGD 4033 with GW 501516 which is available in Falcon Labs Super Cardarine and you can read more about GW 501516 here at the first in the SARMs Talk series. 


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