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What To Look For In A PT?

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When you have decided to take the plunge and recruit your own personal trainer you need to make sure that you have the very best one that is right for you. Having your own personal trainer should be just that, personal. They are there to help you on your fitness journey, to motivate you through the tough times and make sure that you see consistent results.

I have had extremes from both ends during my contact with a trainer and it was evident in the end results. Having worked with a personal trainer who was both qualified and experienced when I was overweight after having my second child I was able to reach my goals in good time and had excellent results of both weight loss and a more toned figure. I have then put my faith in a trainer who told me he was experienced in training ladies to compete in bodybuilding competitions and as an old friend I trusted him but unfortunately he wasn’t as educated as initially thought and I seemed to have wasted a lot of hard earned cash to receive an end result that wasn’t what I had hoped for, not something I will be doing again in a hurry.

So my initial advice is research! Find out what you end goal is and make sure that you look into either online or local trainers (depending upon your own motivational style and ability) that have a wealth of knowledge in the field that you are looking to train be it hypertrophy, strength or endurance, some trainers are specialist in certain areas and a good bit of leg work will help you to determine if this one has the right knowledge for you. The use of credentials during this research is an excellent way of determine whether the trainer actually does know what they are talking about, there’s no better motivation that seeing results after all!

First of all the way to tell a good PT is the initial meeting, before you even think about lifting a weight or turning on a treadmill he/she should arrange to have a meeting to discuss an exercise programme that meets your specific needs and that will give you the best results and will also allow you to get to know this person and decide if they have what it takes to be able to motivate you and also if you actually like them and agree with their philosophy.

The kinds of questions they should initially be asking should be along the lines of:

  • Do you have any health problems?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • What is your waist size?
  • What are your goals?
  • What training have you done before?
  • What are your current eating habits like?

Once the questions are complete you then need a starting point, tests should be completed to determine your current skill level and these can then be linked to your goals. If your PT doesn’t take measurements or test you then a big red flag should go up in your brain as to his/her ability, a mistake I made again.

Initially a weight test will be needed, yes we all hate it but it is a necessary evil, which can be followed by a BMR check to see how many calories you need to allow your body to function which links to your eating habits to create a diet guidance plan which will again enable you to work towards your goals. One thing you can find out during this meeting with a trainer is if they are compatible with you. Are you comfortable with them? Are they actually making an effort to get to know you rather than just selling themselves? Remember that a personal trainer is, after all, a natural sales person, it’s how they make their living so don’t be fooled by any jargon or un-necessary information.

Use your instincts when looking at a trainer, if you are a parent looking to lose baby weight while working full time you may find a trainer who has been in a similar situation and sympathise with the struggle rather than an instructor who works with athletes who has never been in that situation. And when you meet them for the first time if you feel at ease and comfortable with them you will find that you are able to confide in them the things that they need to know rather than feeling like you are being interrogated for information.

Finally just remember that if you find your perfect trainer who helps you achieve your goals and meet your instructional style perfectly you are probably not going to stay with this person forever. Your circumstances change, your goals may alter and their knowledge might not be what you are looking for or need so be ready to go through the whole process again. Only the second time around you will have a lot more knowledge under your belt and will know exactly what you need from your next trainer.

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