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Here at Megafreak Supplements we want to provide you with the best content we can! That means that we have brought together a team of excellent and knowledgeable people who can bring us a wider range of content and knowledge to ensure everyone learns. 

As powerlifting legend Dave Tate said 'Live, Learn, Pass On'. We want us all to be the best versions of ourselves possible, so read on and learn from some very talented and knowledgeable people that I respect greatly 

Craig - Owner Megafreak Supplements. 


Sam Riddle:

35 year old tattooed competitive bodybuilder, male grooming technician and father of one. Been hitting the gym for 20 years also powerlifted, boxed, played rugby and American football. Trained in gyms and attended bodybuilding comps around the world. Love this fitness life and share my candid views via my blogs.

Insta @bigsam1980 


Mike Clark: 

"A little bit about me - My life in one way shape or form has always been about fitness and pushing myself physically to the brink. From running for my county as a child, training in various forms of martial arts for nigh on 15 years to playing semi pro football until injury curtailed my 'career', I always looked for a way to test myself to the absolute upmost. 
It wasn't until 5 years ago that I found my true passion and that is bodybuilding. Going to the gym and leaving everything I have in there on the bench or at the rack. I have taken myself from 10.5st soaking wet to around 16st and sub 15% body fat all year round. I've now taken that passion for this sport and made it into a career as a PT to help other people achieve what I have done and transform their bodies. 
Along the way, funnily enough through a mutual love of MMA I met Craig at MegaFreak and we quickly struck up a friendship thanks to our love of fitness. He has guided and helped me with my nutritional knowledge and along the way ensured that I have always got the best supplements on the market at the most cost effective price. 
If you want to be a MegaFreak you need use MegaFreak, simple as that




Kirsty Stocks 

Full time working parent of 2 working as a learning tutor/trainer/assessor for personal trainers, aiding people who are interested in the fitness industry get qualified to be able to achieve their full potential. I have always been interested in fitness from a young age, having danced from being 8 until aged 18, then taking fitness classes and training in the gym until I qualified as a personal trainer in 2015. I enjoy keeping fit and keeping my body active and feel it’s more of lifestyle change for the better rather than something that can be easily fixed which is why I decided to take on my own PT in 2012 and then qualify for myself. I have struggled with weight and fitness after having my second child and so I know the struggle of losing that baby weight or trying to get fitter. I worked with Velocity PT Academy in 2014 to obtain my Level 2 and 3 PT qualifications; I have then turned this into a full time job by assessing other people to get their own qualifications with knowledge in Anatomy, nutrition and the principles of fitness. Also working with a limited number of clients to help them to achieve their goals, be it weight loss or hypertrophy. I am working full time assessing under qualified fitness professionals but do have limited time to train people, giving full training and nutritional plans that are both clear and personal to the individual. I have been taking part in muddy runs to keep up both cardiovascular and strength fitness over the last few years including race for life and tough mudder and have more booked for me to take part in over the coming months. Another large part of my fitness lifestyle is body building. I decided in summer 2016 that I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition and so I gave myself 10 weeks to lean down and get into stage condition for the first time ever which I did!!!! I achieved a good, lean stage weight and had clear, muscular definition. This is something I will be doing again in October this year so await progress updates!

Snapchat: stwarberry

Instagram: k1s5ty




 Clare Saxton 

I started powerlifting about 2 years ago now. My ex suggested it as he thought I'd be good at it and it would give me more of a focus with my training. 

In my first year of competing, I qualified for the British Finals where I placed second.  Due to that result, I qualified to lift as part of the GPC GB Team at European and World competitions. 

I placed 3rd in the European Championships in the raw (knee wraps, wrist wraps ans belt) and best bench in a higher weight class. Regrettably, I couldn't get to the World's as some funding was withdrawn last minute. It's ok, I fully intend to qualify for both again this year and hopefully get a couple of British Records. 

I love to train, squats are my favourite exercise of all time - I think I'm mad! I love training that much I'm in the process of obtaining my PT instructor qualifications  

Instagram - Saxo_Clare_Powerlifter 




 Katie Ellis 

I had pretty much always been body conscious and have been a member of numerous gyms from the age of 16, however I would fall into the unhealthy trap of over training (with cardio and HIIT classes) and under eating in the hope of losing fat. It wasn't until the beginning of 2016 until I started weight training correctly eating a controlled healthy diet with the correct supplements to build muscle and lose fat. After a few consistent months, I was getting noticed in the gym and asked by a few if I competed, but admittedly I knew nothing about competing or the sport of Bodybuilding. After getting beyond the preconception many have of bodybuilding I watched videos of amazingly proud women standing on stage presenting their hard-earned physiques which inspired me to believe I could achieve that confidence.


July 2016 I decided I was going to enter my very first fitness competition, the Mr & Miss British Isles Open 2016 which gave me 12 weeks (3 of which I was on holiday) to get into shape, learn the mandatory poses, create and practice a routine and most importantly build the confidence to stand on stage in nothing but a tiny bikini and a pair of heels... but, I did it, and not only did I do it, I placed second to that year’s Miss Universe! I was overwhelmed, the sense of pride I felt was incredible, the relief was unbelievable and the taste of pizza after 12 weeks without was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

My intention was only to compete in the one competition last year as a test to find out whether I liked it and whether bodybuilding was for me, but it’s fair to say I instantly caught the bug. I then competed in the NABBA UK two weeks later and placed 6th, and finally the USN Novice Toned Figure Finals two weeks later again and placed second (again!)


So yes, 16 weeks, 3 competitions, 3 placings, 2 trophies... I am so proud of myself and now so incredibly excited for this year where I will return to the stage with an improved physique, increased knowledge and increased self-confidence and self-belief. I intend to compete in the NABBA North Regional qualifier at the end of April and the PCA North Qualifier in the middle of May with the intention of making the Britain finals in both federations.

Instagram: _katie.ellis_

Twitter: @katieefigure







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